boucherie lawrence cheese counter 8×8 on canvas
Villa Maria Metro, 12×12 on wood board
Boucherie Lawrence, 12×12 on wood board
Laval and Napoleon, 12×16

Artbomb show and auction - April 10 @ E.K. Voland Gallery (St. Henri)

Artbomb show and auction – April 10 @ E.K. Voland Gallery (St. Henri)

“st. andre rooftop” is in this show…stAndre_rooftop_terrasse

…and “comptoir 21″ is being given away as one of the many door prizes.

comptoir 21

More information here…


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Night of the living good-time boys, 15×30 on canvas
atwater butcher, 36×36
St. Andre rooftop terrasse in march, 30×30 on canvas

'morning commute' featured in a SaatchiArt collection

‘morning commute’ featured in a SaatchiArt collection

thanks Saatchi!


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The power and quiet majesty, 12×16
named after a quote i read about winter recently, the full quote was… “The power and quiet majesty of the winter’s night appalled him.” …it does sometimes.
Comptoir 21, 8×8
fish and chips, mile end Montreal
berri uqam station, 8×8
a small one from the metro ride home.
Shwartz’s Line, 12×16 on wood board
Villa Maria, 10×10 on wood board
morning commute, 10×10